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Additional Services

Lazy Meadows Realty provides our clients with expert design advice, construction consultations, and connections with upstate property management services.



The Founders of Lazy Meadows have been designing homes and interiors across the Hudson Valley since 2001. 

Well-versed in diverse design vernaculars, you can trust our team to help you visualize what a property could be with a little of this and a little that.

From visualization to full permit-ready drawings, the team at Lazy Meadows can get you from Point A to Point B better and faster than most.


The problem with tackling a project in a new area is the unfamiliarity of resources available.  One either approaches a project with too rosy or too bleak an outlook.

Design, ideas, construction estimates, house evaluations – all these tasks involve a series of people who you don’t know, and come with an alarmingly wide variety of skills (or lack of)

Lazy Meadows offers expert construction advice – advice and game plans that can set you up for a successful upstate project and transition.

Upstate Consultants

Simply, no other team has the done more project planning and project strategy with proven results than the team at Lazy Meadows.  Broad perspectives on property, design, construction, financing, insurance and property maintenance costs result in a pre-purchase strategy that can only result in good decisions and healthy choices.

Property Management

Our property management partners have set the bar high with responsive property management services under the umbrella of Catskill Concierge company.  Whatever your specific needs are – from whole house assistance to one-off needs – we have been there and done that.  A common concern for new home owners up here is who to call for what and we have found a way to assuage that headache.